Friday, June 26, 2009

YOUNG BLAZE FT. BREATHE - "That Girl Ain't Cute"

Now normally I don't do this, but Imma go on ahead and hit ya'll with an exclusive. This is from a fellow Midwesterner/Illinoian/Chicagoan named Young Blaze. I like this track, and I know all my old school house heads will recognize the beat. Its a classic house cut that I don't know the name to, but I remember spilling many a drink to bouncing when it came on. Those horns just make you want to move. Blaze's smooth flow carries really well on this beat, but you should have known that already because Chi-Town comes with nothing but quality. He's got good humor in his message, which always makes for a quality MC. Enough is enough check it out for yourself, I'm gonna dig through the net to see what other jewels Young Blaze has dropped should to. Check out his site at www. , or for those of you that still fuck with MySpace, .

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i like this