Friday, May 22, 2009


There is always a few characters in the limelight that fall from grace, but they work their way back into the public's hearts with a redeeming move or two. Sometimes they do it on purpose, other times its completely accidental and coincidental. Here is my Redeem Team for the month of May.

RON ARTEST - The man who filled Dennis Rodman's shoes in the basketball world. From breaking Michael Jordan's ribs in a pick up game to jumping in the stands to fight a fan, he has stayed a figure of controversy. He has even had his team ideology questioned when he requested time off to promote his rap album (ya'll remember Tru Warier?). When he was traded to Houston in the off-season many believed it was his last chance to stay in the league, being that he would be going to his fourth team in four seasons. It seemed like a good fit, with already two superstars in Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming present in the line up. T-Mac went down with an injury in the regular season, and Yao let his persistent leg problems dead his season during the playoffs, leaving nappy headed Ron Artest to lead the Houston Rockets through their series with the West favorites Los Angeles Lakers. Many thought the Rockets were finished after game 2, but Artest helped lead this rag tag team of sixth men all the way to a game seven with Kobe's Lakers; doing it all somewhat quietly. His press conferences were funny and charming, instantly making him a playoff sweetheart for the media. Welcome back, Ron.

NICK CANNON - This may seem like an odd choice, but I think after the way he stood up for his wife and told Eminem that he would molly-whop his ass for his remarks about Mariah, I gained a lot more respect for "corny-ass Nick Cannon." That is what a real man is supposed to do: threaten to kill a cat that disrespects their woman. Much props for putting your nuts in your hand, Nick.

AL DAVIS - Maybe the old man is not so crazy. He caught hell for the way he treated and unceremoniously fired Lane Kiffin. Lane Kiffin went on to land the head football coach job at the University of Tennessee, and has acted a damn fool ever since, without even having one game coached under his belt. Talking loud about Urban Meyer, recruiting violations, and Twitter controversies have already sullied his first year. This behavior leads at least me to believe that maybe there was more going on behind closed doors, and Al Davis actually got this one right.

MIKE TYSON - No need to go into his history, the name speaks for itself. He has a new documentary about his life and career out, he allowed himself to be used in EA's upcoming video game "Fight Night: Round 4," and he makes a guest appearance in the new comedy "The Hangover" (which I think looks damn hilarious). All this and not a single tiger or piece of ear cartilage in sight. Good look, Mike, just lose some weight now.

Best believe that with winners also come losers. Here's a short list of those on the decline this month.

Charles Hamilton - Getting snuffed hard by a chick right before your album drops is not a good look, especially when you are wearing all that damn pink.

Los Angeles Lakers - Going seven with a Yao-less and T-Mac-less Rockets squad? C'mon, Kobe, Lebron would have swept them.

Eminem - Album was ehhh.

Lane Kiffin - See Al Davis above.

Joe Budden - When you get on Meth's level, then have an opinion. That "Pump It Up" money has to be all gone now.

Lil' Wayne - Seems like you trained your replacement. Since Drake came on the scene, you have become an afterthought.

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